AVOS’ agency

Avos’ name

Deriving from Russia, the philosophy of Avos’ represents a behavior or attitude of a person who embraces life with an unwavering trust in an ideal outcome. Trusting in the Avos’ is to bet against the odds and to truly believe in a predetermined destiny. The name is so relevant in the spirit of an entrepreneur. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all subscribe to a belief in the Avos’ to a certain degree. Entrepreneur or not, it’s that voice in your head that says “DO IT”. It’s the feeling when you look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and say “YOU’VE GOT THIS”.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy and culture of the AVOS’ agency is simple. We shall serve our Client’s with a commitment to be courageous and willing. In the face of opposition and negativity, to be strong and positive. To not be afraid of failure, but embrace it as it can serve as the most empowering lesson we all will inevitably face. Let us overcome challenges and celebrate victories. By standing together, may we rise to all occasions, to utilize our strength in numbers, and to be an unstoppable force. Here’s to our past, which will reflect upon us who we have become. The present, which shall serve as an opportunity to seek something more significant than us all. And lastly, our future, which will be a definition of who we have come to be, together.

Entrepreneur pulse

With a shared focus and heartbeat of any entrepreneur, Avos’ (uh-voss) represents a philosophy that hits close to home for Founder and President Craig Huddleston. 

“The creation of the AVOS’ agency has been the culmination of a life lived with an undying devotion to search for something that has true value and can authentically represent itself as a self-sustaining, compassionate company. I’ve always known that my path in life was blindly following a trust in something that was inside me. I just wasn’t aware of this crazy Avos’ philosophy. Like most people, I’ve been on a soul-searching journey my entire life. Looking in every direction for an answer of what I am here to accomplish. My interests are under constant review. Something I love today, I will challenge tomorrow. This can be quite despairing, but feel that it is my “challenge all and question all” approach that has made me someone that searches for the best solution in any situation. I’ve come to embrace it over the years because it has opened many doors to which would have stayed locked tight if I wouldn’t have found a new way in. – Craig Huddleston

Craig Huddleston

Founder & President of the AVOS’ agency

Strategy & Planning
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