AVOS’ vision

What is the AVOS' vision Network?

The Brief.

The AVOS’ vision Network is designed to seek out and reward professionals that can identify, generate, and fulfill services provided by the AVOS’ agency.

We’re connecting business professionals on all levels with the ability to generate revenue. Business Developers, Independent Producers, and Verified Experts all provide inbound/outbound services through the AVOS’ vision Network. 

AVOS’ vision Name.

People with excellent business senses have a particular ability to identify significant opportunities. It’s that “vision” we recognized that inspired us to create and unify a network of professionals to promote the strategic growth of the AVOS’ agency.

Our Offer.

Do you possess the vision to identify new business opportunities?

Can you see the value of providing your expert services?

Being a member of the network connects your abilities to our Clients. As a member of the Business Development and Independent Producer teams, you will earn a commision on all new business brought to the agency. As a Verified Expert, you will make money by providing fulfillment services for the opportunities brought in by the Business Development and Independent Producers.

Three ways to serve.

Expert Services

We want to see the network producing results. The goals and culture behind our strategy are simple. Provide professionals and the AVOS’ agency with consistent new growth opportunity through a low-pressure work environment. Simply put, you are in control to generate revenue on your own free will. 

Business Development

A successful member of the Business Development team will be able to identify and generate new business opportunities. Earned opportunities will be placed into the AVOS’ agency to be verified, designed, and then completed by Verified Experts.

A successful BD member will be outgoing and innovative to connect and create new business services. Most BDs have 9a – 5p jobs, but some will find success solely in the AvN.

Independent Producer

An IP will also identify and generate new opportunities but possesses professional technical abilities. Whether the services sold were Strategy & Planning, Creative Services, or Live Event Services, the IP will have the first opportunity to be on the fulfillment team. 

E.g., An Independent Producer generates an opportunity to design and produce a live event for a Client. The IP will have the first opportunity to be the onsite Producer or another role they see fit for that event. Making a commission on the new business and earning operation rates will provide higher earning potential for Independent Producers.

Verified Expert

The Verified Experts are responsible for assisting and serving the fulfillment of sold services by the Business Development and Independent Producers.

Expertly skilled, this team is open to professionals on all levels. SEO experts, marketing & advertising professionals, designers, technical event labor, and more.

Wait, this is like Uber & Lyft for the business services world, right?

Taking a cue from the technology-based ride share giants Uber & Lyft, we love the idea of creating opportunity. Right-minded professionals are able to flip a switch and be on an awesome team.

Serving on the AVOS’ vision Network can be a way to elevate yourself personally and professionally. People who may already hold 9-5 jobs can see the opportunity. Would you expand and generate additional income just by connecting a few dots?

How Does It Work?

We provide all approved members with the opportunity to earn income. Members will provide specific services and technical abilities to the AVOS’ agency. Generated opportunities by the Business Development and the Independent Producers are placed into the network. The AVOS’ agency matches required sold services with skills provided by Verified Experts for the fulfillment of opportunities.

E.g., Connecting an SEO expert for the fulfillment of an opportunity created by a Businesses Developer that sells SEO services to a Client. 

The Selection of the VE is based on expert services, availability, and rank.

Rank is established after you provide services for the first time, whether solo or on a team. The Client and fellow team members will have the opportunity to anonymously provide feedback that will influence the rank of each member.

There will be a formal-ish interview process for us to get to know who you are. Assessing strengths and weaknesses will help identify how and where you will have the most impact on the network.

What will I receive if my application is approved?

Members of the Business Development and Independent Producer teams will receive a company email. The email is to be provided to represent yourself and the company professionally while speaking with Clients.

IPs and BDs can opt-in to receive company branded business cards with their contact information. 

What do I have to provide?

All approved members of the network will provide a high-resolution photo and a short bio. The bio will highlight professional skills, technical abilities, as well as, a fun little snippet about your personality. 

Sending the bio to Clients will provide an idea of who will be serving on the fulfillment team.

Are There Rules?

Just like Uber & Lyft’s regulations on who can drive, the AVOS’ agency has rules for serving the network.

Supervision Period

We want to maximize your potential, the success rate of landing Clients, as well as ensuring that you are meeting the AVOS’ brand standards. Working closely with all teams for a six month period will be vital in the overall success of the agency. In no way are we intending to micromanage you. This strategy is to merely to manage the company’s strategic services and growth to provide the highest amount of success for you and the AVOS’ agency.

Selling Services To Your Employer

Having full-time employment and being a member of the AvN is ideal. You have opportunities to generate and develop ideas and create additional revenue for yourself all while having a full-time job.

If your position or duties at work directly aligns with the services you are selling for the AvN and you choose to hire the AVOS’ agency to provide those same services to your employer, you must agree to surrender the ability to earn a commision from the AVOS’ agency on those sold services. However, the AVOS’ agency will apply any acquired services to your contribution history in your profile.


Let’s say you are an Event Coordinator and work for “ABC Company.” You join the AvN and begin to think of opportunities where you could offer the network’s services. You think, “Hey, I’m the Event Coordinator for ABC Company, and I’m an IP at the AVOS’ agency. I’ll produce the events utilizing the AvN. I’ll get paid from ABC Company to do my job, and I’ll make a commision from the AvN to sell the show and produce it. Money! Money! Money!” Okay, you can see how this would be a problem, right?


If you work for ABC Company and you bring the AVOS’ agency in to serve your company to provide a different service than you are directly responsible for, you can still earn a commision after a verification process is complete.

As a company-wide commitment, we must always have a clear and concise dedication to business ethics. Plus, we would be heartbroken if we found out that you were let go from your job due to involvement with the AvN.

Why Not Just Hire Me?

Employment with the AVOS’ agency can go 1 of 2 ways.

1. If you were to become a salaried or part-time employee, as with any company, you must consistently generate new opportunities for the company. That can easily create a stressful environment that could potentially not be beneficial to someone just starting out.

2. You consider a low-stress opportunity like the AvN. You work when you want, on what you want, for whatever it is that inspires you. No pressure. Becoming a member of the network has more perks than just low-stress. Consider the additional revenue and creative outlet you can create for yourself without someone asking for the TPS reports. 

Ideal Outcome:

Once you have generated a sustainable, repeating business Clientele for yourself in the AVOS’ agency, you can convert full-time to the agency and be eligible for company benefits such as insurance, a 401k plan, vacation time, and more.

Suggestions? Ideas?

Just like the rest of the AVOS’ agency’s culture, we are here to listen, learn, and be a bigger and better collaborative force. We would love to have your input about the AVOS’ vision Network.

  • Have an idea?
  • Questions we didn’t address?
  • Suggestions?

Connect with us here.

Business is all about connecting the dots. People who understand the framework of business services will excel faster than others, but we are interested in developing anyone who has professional traits. Are you innovative? Self-motivated? Persistent? Let’s chat!

The last thing any company wants to do is put a square peg in a round hole. That’s why it is essential for AVOS’ to interview and assess the skills and traits of potential new members of the network. We wish we could guarantee a spot for everyone, but only want to place people where they will be inspired and will thrive.

Being a member of the AVOS’ vision Network can be a significant source of income for someone that is dedicated to networking and meeting new people and for someone that realizes the potential of being on a great team of people offering excellent services.

So, do you have the AVOS' vision?

We would be honored if you would like to chat about the opportunity to join the AVOS’ vision Network.

Let’s stop reading and get started working together today!