Creative Services

Creative Services

Creative solutions that are eye-catching and evoke emotion can be difficult to acquire for any business. I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz term “Content is King” dozens of times. Here’s the truth about that statement. It’s not always the great content that rules; it’s excellent content AND the great strategic execution and deployment that creates impact. Great content can go unseen and unheard if not delivered correctly. When assisting in the delivery method of your process, AVOS’ is committed to creating content that IS king, great visuals and great delivery. 

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.


Creative Services is the home for the passionate, the fresh, and the bold. To create great content, it takes a team. The heartbeat behind a logo, the translation of a company’s message into visuals, it doesn’t happen overnight. Words can define, and visuals can excite, when adequately matched with all components of a design, it can move people. It can cause them to dance, to sing, to cry, to buy, to want, need, desire, and to fall in love with great companies doing great things.

Taking every opportunity to build brand value is critical. When you are presenting the brand on any level, it should be your intent to make an impression. It should all fit. It should all work together. It should have people recognizing your mark and feeling like they understand who you are. Given the opportunity, we would be honored to earn your Creative Services business and help you on your journey.

Video Production

Video production and visual storytelling are a popular way to communicate your message. A great video can easily translate your brand’s mission and evoke the emotion required to call someone to action.  Keeping the content relevant, fresh, and matter of fact is key. With our pre-production services, we can create a message and turn it into the visual masterpiece you need to get results.

TV commercials, fundraising videos, intro videos for your next event, highlight or wrap up videos from your last event are significant investments for your marketing strategy. Eye-catching social media videos can be cut from a video project giving you continuity and consistency for your next campaign.


  • Explainer Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • FAA Licensed Drone Videography
  • Music Videos
  • Event Highlight Videos
  • Fundraising Videos for Non-profit

Graphic Design

Great graphic design services can help translate a critical message to a prospective customer. A well-executed design shows that your business is professional and ready to work. With a professional logo and brilliant typeface, what is there not to love about your company’s logo on a professional business card? Letterhead? Or holiday gift?

Consistency and continuity are two essential factors to keep in mind when designing graphics for a company. Creating style guides will help keep your brand’s architecture digitally archived. From overall design to color choices, you want to ensure that your brand has bold meaning and real value.


  • Corporate Identity & Branding
  • Print Design Services
  • Event Content
  • Merchandise Design Services

Web Presence

When someone visits your websiteFacebook, Instagram, or Linkedin, you are giving them the direct access to look at who and what you represent as a brand. Does your website say enough about you? Does it imply your values and does it communicate your offerings?

When you are presenting your company to an audience, you are putting yourself and your company on a silver platter for the world to see.


  • Website Design
  • Social Media Creation & Implementation
  • Social Media Management


A well-written script will convey empathy and power of knowledge to your audience. Whether it’s a speech for a live event, a script for a TV campaign, or a short video for a social campaign, allowing the AVOS’ agency to work with you on the theme and development of your script means we will deliver maximum impact to your copywriting needs.


  • Scriptwriting for Video Production
  • Speeches for Live Event Services
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising Campaigns
  • Printed Marketing Materials

Our office has had an unparalleled relationship with AVOS’ over the past two years. I only wish we would’ve known them sooner! 

We could not ask for a better partner to collaborate with to fulfill our mission of promoting and showcasing our state’s film and music industries on a national and international level.

Before starting with AVOS’, we had a dated look that was dull and boring. We now have the best presentation of an auction house. They continue to find ways to make our look vibrant and relevant to our target customer base.