Live Event Services


Before the concept.. before the name.. before a set date.. Let’s talk! We have produced countless live events in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s your first event or 37th event, it’s never too late for us to get involved. We love being event partners. We love even more designing what an event looks and feels like. Live event services are a great way to get (almost) undivided attention from your audience all at one time. Let us help navigate the treacherous waters of the live event industry.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.


Live event services are where fulfillment from our consultation side take over, and where strategy & planning come to life in a plan of action.

A live event can be a great way to generate new revenue for a business. The live event marketing model keeps growing due to the exposure to marketing, data-driven analytics, and new revenue opportunities.

Experiential Event Marketing

Experience-driven events are a great way to engage your audience. It physically puts them into a controlled and branded environment where you have total control of the message.

We like creating ways to “mission impossible” into someone’s attention span of the digital era. Only we are not dropping out of ceilings by wires…or are we?


  • Event Conception & Design
  • Live Branding & Messaging
  • Projection Mapping
  • Kinetic 3D Moving Lights
  • Wearable Product Lighting Control
  • Environmental Design

Special Event Design

Special Event Design is centered around the thought that we are creating something from scratch and where new revenue possibilities come to life. There is something to be said for creating something and watching it grow into something that is self-sustainable.

From complete branding, idea management, and creation stages to physical operation AVOS’ agency is your partner to bring your idea to reality.


  • SWOT Analysis
  • Event Brand Identity
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Data Driven ROI Reports
  • Design
  • Management

Live Event Production

Whether providing your own production company that you have had a great relationship with over the years or working exclusively with AVOS’, we are your trusted partner for live event production. We’ve produced events in all shapes and sizes, and one thing is the same. When you walk to the microphone, it better work.

We pride ourselves on the trusted network we have built over the years. With a list of qualified and trust of industry professionals, rest assured that your event is handled with the utmost professionalism there is.


  • Stage & Set Design
  • Audio, Video, Lighting Design
  • Venue Mangement & Logistics
  • Trade Management & Leadership
  • Contract Review & Procurement

Verified Experts

The AVOS’ vision Network is an exclusive resource that we have available to provide expert services for the fulfillment of live event services. The AvN is a network of qualified, verified expert service providers for the AVOS’ team with unparalleled industry expertise.


  • Project Managers
  • Event Producers
  • Technical Directors
  • Camera Operators
  • Audio Engineers
  • Lighting Designers

The AVOS’ agency has helped us grow and change our image and presentation into a professional high-end company in our industry. This would not have been possible without their knowledge and vision.

From the earliest visionary stages to the finish line, they held our hand and walked us through every detail without once making us feel neglected or bothersome. This team’s availability and follow through has won the full confidence of our entire national team.

The content package created for our event was worth immeasurably more than just renting equipment without a cohesive strategy. Through their creative team, our event and organization were able to produce a seamless, professional, and memorable event on a level we have never achieved before.