Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

Strategy & planning is everything when it comes to positioning your brand, voice, and vision to your audience. When you have the opportunity to communicate your message to your present and potential customers, are they listening? Are they engaged? Even more important, are they taking action? Our strategic visioning services can help find ways to improve your current communication efforts and to see a more fulfilling ROI for your budget.

Business Strategy in Oklahoma City

A person who stops advertising to save money is like a person who stops a clock to save time.


The strategy & planning services get our hearts pumping. Where the creative ideas come out of hiding, the “there are no bad suggestions” rule is applied, and the unapologetic brainstorms reek havoc to a mind map.

We start with our discovery process, then define actionable items that will provide a strategy to reach your goals.  Then we identify critical steps and procedures to assist in the completion of the project and then create a timeline so we can get started producing results.


Consultation is where we shine as a hybrid strategy and services agency. We take a hands-on approach when it comes to brand and design consulting.

While serving as your consultant, we find ways to implement positive and reinforcing improvements to your current processes and procedures that drive results. By exploring your current practices, we will help find ways to improve and better utilize your message At the end of the day, we want to be that friend that tells you that you have broccoli in your teeth.

Branding & Rebranding

Starting fresh, or freshening up. We are offering branding and rebranding consultation services for business structures, marketing campaigns, products, live events, and more to ensure they are representing your vision.

Imaging & Messaging

Consultation services regarding the overarching image and messages your company are portraying to the public. An image comes from content and perceived message via marketing campaigns, live events, print materials, overall web presence, and wherever else your company is seen. We help craft that image, so when people look at your brand, they automatically think of what your standards and beliefs are.


Where you are now, and where you want to be. Providing a roadmap to get you on a course to strategic growth and competitive advantage over your competition.

Extension & Stretching

Current offerings? What about potential offerings? This strategy explores areas of potential growth for better brand visibility and better opportunities for profit.

Procedures & Process

Procedures & processes may seem like a no-brainer, but an effective way of being proficient is to learn from mistakes. The best way at learning from mistakes is to study the data that deems the situation a mistake. That roadmap to excellence is paved by creating reliable and repeatable steps to executable perfection. Procedures and Processes can appear dull, but the outcome they may have on a business outweighs the mundane. It can influence massive growth and efficiency.

Growth Influence

Growth influence is defining specific characteristics your business has that can be strategically be scaled to increase revenue and profitability. We look at your current operations and provide consultation services where we can influence growth. From marketing & advertising campaigns on select social channels or medians, experiential marketing for getting your product in the hands of your audience, or utilizing data about your business to influence sponsors, collaborators, and advertisers to use your market position for shared growth opportunities.

Content Strategy

Is your content design supporting your content strategy? Our take on content design is pretty simple. Derived from a sincere belief that effective content means data-driven results that build brand value and brand transparency.  Core beliefs surround truth in advertising to build a loyal fan base.

Here’s our process. Number one: Does your content effectively and efficiently communicate your brand’s heartbeat to whoever sees it? Number two: Is your content being distributed to the right channels so the people who see it would want to take action? Number three: Does your message genuinely represent you, honestly? Does it represent your brand values? Does it communicate urgency to action?

Content Deployment

Social media, television commercials, printed materials, paid sponsorships, and more. Different strategies mean different results. We take a data-driven approach to content deployment. We want to provide a deployment strategy that will have maximum impact on your goals and ROI.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Utilizing proven techniques and experts in their field of SEO, we provide strategic goals for maximizing this service. Search Engine Optimization can be a great way of giving a direct path to your company’s website.

Web Presence Development

Web presence development is what we call the mixed art of perfectly written copy, sleek design, optimized content, and architecture all wrapped up into one brand. From Facebook to a landing page at a URL, we create an architecture that has continuity across platforms for consistent and accurate image and brand perception.

Printed Materials

Print is not dead, analog is alive, and people like tangible. Three simple truths. Holding something in your hand provides a feeling that something is real. Now, do we love augmented reality and dreaming in digital? You bet, but we aren’t discussing AR right now. We can help strategize what and how to print your message for maximum delivery.

Event Design

Strategy and experience design is only a portion of what we provide for our event services. By understanding your goals and establishing your target audience, we can design a strategy for communicating a message, building trust, and creating a loyal fan base of your brand. Experiential marketing is a powerful tool to evoke emotions from a brand to an audience. Once we establish the relativity of your brand’s mission, we can effectively create experiences that communicate truth, understanding, and action.

Experiential Event Design

Expertly crafted stage design, campaigns, and strategies to put your product or message in the hands of your audience. Experiential marketing is experience marketing, and we create experiences that get people to take action.

Live Branding and Messaging

We consult with you on live branding your content and the overall live message deployment of your brand’s voice. Addressed under Consultation, we think it’s important enough to have it under Event Marketing as well! How your audience perceives your message is vitally important to the overall success to your mission at taking over the world, or just your competition.

Technology Driven Experiences

Technology is such a large part of our lives. It is to be expected now that tech is fully-embedded into how we live every second of every day. Technology drive experiences are a vast expansion from the days of the traditional PowerPoint, but not every event has to be the state-of-the-art, but if you want maximum impact at a trade show or product launch you should be considering ways to spice things up technologically.

Procurement Management for Production Services

Needing that right presenter to make your event pop? Need to hire a production company to provide a full room equipment? Need a script written for a VIP speech? Need a venue contract to be negotiated? We are here to help! Yes, we also provide the AV services but are never exclusive if you already have your team. AVOS’ has been designed to be a member of any team.

Event Logistics

Logistics make the world go around, and event logistics are no exception. We have talented folks on staff that live and breath logistics. They are master puzzle builders and aren’t afraid of challenges. From the initial meeting to the wrap-up party, our logistics wizards are ready to get started.

Event Creation & Branding

There are many companies out there that have tapped into the known secret that events can generate massive brand wealth. We aren’t just talking about finances, but the opportunity to capture the attention of your audience and communicate your brand’s mission directly to them. Before the expert event design conversations ever take place, we are creating ideas and concepts for events that create wealth and spread knowledge of our Client’s brand.

Event Management

The event industry can be challenging to manage. Creating RFPs for event services to studying costs for ROI analysis, it can be overwhelming. From equipment and production costs to venue management, we have experienced it. AVOS’ will work with your team, production company, or anyone that is involved in providing managed services at any level of the project. We work well with others and can offer services to a single portion of the event, or the entire project.

Venue Management

The venue is one of the most critical elements in any event. We perform detailed site-visits for our Clients that provide crucial information that is used during the design and planning stages. We offer detailed reports that assist in determining a best case scenario for a flawless integration of the venue.

Monitoring & Overview of the Event

Event Managers are responsible for ensuring all event logistics are accurate to the signed contracts from outside vendors and to oversee the execution of the total event. We’ve always found that an on-site Event Manager, skilled and educated to the scope of work, provides significant stress relief to our Clients on show day!

Safety & Security Standards/Plans

Safety should always be a number one priority. We work with on-site security staff as well as local law enforcement to provide our Clients with a safety & security plan to prepare for any level of issues that may arise during the event. From weather plans to active shooter preparedness, we ensure the proper documentation of the venue’s emergency exits and escape routes.

Having a full-service company that can hit a home run in audio, video, and lighting was a game changer for our team. Everything felt expertly crafted to fit our vision and made us as an organization much more successful!

You all went above and beyond our expectations. Not only were the services perfectly executed, the professional service and courtesy we receives were unmatched.  

I have worked with many production companies on small and large-scale events and I have honestly never met a professional team that was so invested in our organizations’ success.